From vine to wine

Our wine’s quality comes mainly from the earth and from the way it feeds.

We work with passion and a professional team all year long and especially for all the important steps of the development of the vineyard.

We labour sometimes or leave a natural grass cover depending on the needs of each parcel that we analyse.

For some others, we even try green manure wich protect the soil year round and feeds it.

We are also very interested in agroforestry. It is about re-introducing trees and shrubs in our vineyard in order to minimize the impact of monoculture wich can weakened the soil.

From vine to wine

Once collected, the grapes, from our 23 parcels, are classified by varietals. Our first single vineyard cuvée, Les Courtisols – Grand Cru from Verzy – vintage 2013 was released in 2019.

Once the pressing is done, we obtain the “moût” and the vinification will happen in 35 small stainless-steel tanksor, for some cuvées, in oak barrels – 228 L or 600 L. –

Then, our goal is to express our terroir by parcel or grape in order to obtain precise wines with temper.

When the wine wakes up !

During vinification, we try not to fix rules. The idea is to act ( or not) depending on what the wines can bring us every year and also on the inspirations we have on that moment.

We want to respect the caracteristics of each wine the more we can .

We keep a part of the blend of the previous years as reserved wines to be aged in oak barrels of 228 L for a few months.

After bottling, (called tirage), our wines will stay on the lies for 24 months minimum and until 10 years or more for our vintages. Once again, there are no rules !

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