From vine to wine

Our wine’s quality comes mainly from the earth and from the way nature and us feed it.

We work with passion and a professional team all year long and especially for all the important steps of the development of the vineyard.

During the harvest, unique moment when we share friendliness and rigor, we build a “small” team, about 20 people, some of them have come for many years.

For the further parcels and the biggest ones, we hire different teams of tâcherons.

From vine to wine

Once collected, the grapes, from our 23 parcels, are classified by varietals. Our first single vineyard cuvée – Grand Cru from Verzy – vintage 2013 was revealed in 2019.

Once the pressing is done, we obtain the “moût” that will be kept in 35 small stainless-steel tanks at the winery.

Then, the precious work of our ”Chef de cave”: observing the tanks everyday will lead us to understand and to decide the best blend.

Reach The Perfect Balance

The blending will reveal the sensitivity of its creators, who will, together, choose between different combinations before making THE decision, the one which will sublimate the soul of Louis de Sacy one more year.

Most of our blending are : 2/3 Pinot Noir and 1/3 Chardonnay. A small amount of Meunier is also added for its roundness.

After bottling, (called tirage), our wines will stay on the lies for 24 months minimum and until 6 or 7 years for our vintages to be tasted at their best moment by our customers.

A part of the blends of the previous years used as reserved wines will be aged in oak for several months.

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